Two really weird and strange wedding cultures you will ever get to know

Wedding is a beautiful thing and it takes place in almost every culture, even though everyone has their own way of doing it but it is something, which the whole world does. During a wedding a lot of traditions takes place, some of them are common as well but here are two of the weirdest and strange wedding cultures, which I have ever come across.

  1. The first strange wedding culture, which we are going to talk about is called ‘the salty wedding song’, it takes place in China, and it takes the strange wedding culture to a whole new level. Now, what does one do in this tradition? Well, a month before the wedding date, the bride herself take an hour out of her day and starts crying for an hour, each day. Then after 10 days the mother of the bride joins the club and cries 1 hour each day and then after 10 more days, the grandmother of the bride joins in and by going on and on, almost every female of the family has cried till the wedding. They are not crying because of sadness, in fact it is their expression of joy and every women cried in a different tone so it kind of sound like a song…
  2. The second strange wedding culture takes place in Ireland and it is called, ‘Fairies on the ground’. In this tradition, when the bride and the groom dances, the bride is not allowed to lift her feet while dancing, her feet are supposed to be on the floor all the time while she is dancing, why? Because they believe that the evil fairies will come and take away their beautiful bride, so that is why the bride is not allowed to lift up her feet.